Thomas Courtright MBA, CFP®, APMA®, CRPC®, AWMA®

Senior VP, Private Wealth Advisor

     There are many financial goals that happen throughout a person’s life; Some of us want to retire at 50, while others never want to retire. Some want their kids or grandkids to never be strapped with student loan debt, while others want their kids to show some responsibility for their education. And still some of us want to leave a legacy for future generations, while others want to spend every dime they have acquired throughout their lives.

     The beauty is that there is no right or wrong to any of these scenarios. They are goals. But questions arise when you ask yourself “How will I achieve my goals?”

     Where are you on life’s journey? Are you just starting out with a family or career? Are you considering retirement, or are you already retired and have concerns about income or transferring your wealth to your heirs?

     What I love about my career as an advisor is that everybody’s story is different. When a person becomes a client, we’ve gone through a process where I get to know them and find out what their goals and aspirations are and then we partner together to devise a plan that best fits their situation.

     My site is filled with educational videos, articles, presentations, and calculators designed to help you learn more about the world of personal finance. As you search my website, send me a note regarding any questions you may have about any particular investment concepts or products. I’ll get back to you quickly with a thoughtful answer.

Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to talking to you soon!